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Webcast #8

Live webcast session on “The EU Strategy on Voluntary Return and Reintegration in Practice” (13/12/2023).

Webcast #6

Live webcast session on “Supporting Female Migrants in the Return Process”.

Podcast #2

The second Talk2Connect podcast focuses on “Bridging Pre- and Post-Departure Counselling for Iraqi returnees”. Join a conversation between return counsellors from Germany and Iraq: Salome Maxeiner from Caritas Augsburg (Germany) and Vin Balata from ETTC, reintegration service provider in Erbil, Iraq. Hosted by Lisa Tallroth.

Webcast #5

Live webcast session on “Different Approaches to Support Reintegration in West Africa”. During this webcast, you will learn more about various approaches that are being implemented to support reintegration practices in West Africa. It features a reportage with the work conducted by the French Office for Immigration and Integration.