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Call for Ideas

To facilitate the generation and development of activities that are in line with MS priorities on return and reintegration, ICMPD has established a Call for Ideas.

As part of the Call for Ideas, the Facility Support Office (FSO) offers support for the elaboration of ideas into proposal applications that may be taken forward to the RRF Facility Steering Committee (FSC). The RRF project incubator process provides MS with the opportunity to reach out to the FSO in the early stages of their action design thinking process. Through this mechanism, the FSO will help MS explore suitable modalities in relation to the development, funding, and implementation of their idea.

  • For more information on the Project Incubator Process, please refer to this infosheet.
  • For more information on the Project Concept, please download the RRF Project Concept template here.

Project Incubator Process

Ensures proposed idea falls within the scope of the RRF and aligns with its objectives and priorities
Scope and Compatibility Check
Provides opportunity to receive feedback and allows FSO and MS to jointly assess what priority level and further resources should be assigned to the idea
MS Consultation
Supports the drafting of a Project Concept to be circulated for written FSC consultation, exploring implementation modalities and funding sources
Project Concept Drafting
MS consultation

EC: European Commission
FSC: Facility Steering Committee
FSO: Facility Support Office
ICMPD: International Centre for Migration Policy Development
MS: Member states