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Reaching Undocumented Migrants

The project strives to further develop and implement evidence-based tools and processes that can be used by a wide European community of practice for the improvement of outreach practices directed at undocumented migrants within Europe.

The project aims to achieve several specific objectives, including the generation of data and analyses on undocumented migrants in Europe to better inform relevant policies and operations.

Additionally, it seeks to develop and refine programmatic blueprints for outreach practices, focusing on enhancing accessibility to voluntary return options, particularly among vulnerable undocumented migrant groups facing substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Furthermore, it aims to facilitate exchanges of best practices and lessons learned among national authorities through initiatives like field study visits and focus-group sessions.

Finally, it endeavours to create a relevant training module and establish a monitoring and evaluation framework, which will be made accessible to front-line practitioners to enhance their effectiveness in addressing migration issues.

  • Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
  • Mixed Migration Centre (MMC)
  • 6 data analysis reports of which 3 relate to data collected in Belgium and 3 relate to data collected in France;
  • 4 mutual-learning exercises to facilitate relevant peer exchanges on good practices between member states for increased capacity to utilise methodologies for reaching out to potential AVRR beneficiaries;
  • 3 background notes on designated topics related to upcoming field study visits and focus-group sessions;
  • 3 field study visits to understand on-the-ground realities within the context of outreach to undocumented migrants, informing subsequent focus-group sessions;
  • 3 focus-group sessions in which collected data and field updates are discussed and assessed for the benefit of further developing relevant tools and training modules;
  • 1 training module on how to better counsel people who suffer from mental health disorders and/or substance abuse;
  • 1 monitoring and evaluation framework including a roadmap for setting up monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for front-line organisations to utilise when engaging in outreach practices;
  • 1 webinar to present the framework and discuss impact monitoring around outreach practices.