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Talk2Connect (T2C) is a digital platform that liaises return counsellors with post-arrival realities and individual return stories to enable information and knowledge flows between pre-departure and post-arrival actors. It was created under the European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN), implemented previously to the RRF.

In line with the EU Strategy on Voluntary Return and Reintegration, T2C provides first-line return and reintegration practitioners with relevant, updated and first-hand information from the ground. The information will be shared through three different formats: 1) Live webcasts, 2) Interactive webinars and 3) Podcasts.

Register to the upcoming webcasts through this link:

  • Wednesday 22 November 2023: How to Achieve Economical Self-Sufficiency After the Return
  • Wednesday 13 December 2023: The EU Strategy on Voluntary Return and Reintegration

Watch the last webcast on ‘Female Migrants in the Return and Reintegration Process’: 👇🏽

  • Swedish Migration Agency (SMA)