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Webcast #6

Live webcast session on “Supporting Female Migrants in the Return Process”.

Podcast #2

The second Talk2Connect podcast focuses on “Bridging Pre- and Post-Departure Counselling for Iraqi returnees”. Join a conversation between return counsellors from Germany and Iraq: Salome Maxeiner from Caritas Augsburg (Germany) and Vin Balata from ETTC, reintegration service provider in Erbil, Iraq. Hosted by Lisa Tallroth.

Webcast #5

Live webcast session on “Different Approaches to Support Reintegration in West Africa”. During this webcast, you will learn more about various approaches that are being implemented to support reintegration practices in West Africa. It features a reportage with the work conducted by the French Office for Immigration and Integration.

Webcast #4

Live webcast session on “The Decision-Making Process Towards Return: Supporting a Migrant’s Decision”. During this webcast, you will learn more about various approaches on return counselling from Sweden and Denmark, as well as different perspectives from a researcher, non-governmental and governmental organisations.

Local Ownership Armenia

RRF activities in Armenia build on the results achieved in the framework of the ERRIN project. Its main focus is to create a mechanism for offering reintegration services complementary to the assistance provided in the framework of Frontex Joint Reintegration Services as well as support capacity-building actions, such as training and studies. Read more about … Continued

Webcast #3

During this live webcast, the topic of sustainable reintegration in Iraq was addressed with insights from expert on reintegration specifically in Iraq, testimonials from the ground and interview with relevant speakers.

RRF in Two Pages

Download this 2-pager to learn more about the Return and Reintegration Facility (RRF). In this document you will find more about 1) what we do, 2) key features, 3) where and how we work, 4) knowledge. The document is available in English and in Armenian. Download it below!

Webcast #2

During this live webcast, the topic of “The return and reintegration of unaccompanied children – ensuring their best interest” was explored with 1) panel discussions with researchers and practitioners, 2) case study from SOS Children’s Villages Albania and 3) presentation of the overall European landscape of the subject matter.

Operational Framework

The Operational Framework (OF) is the main deliverable of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Reintegration and Development (R&D). Designed to offer practitioners actionable and directly applicable guidance, it presents practical ways on how the reintegration and development sectors could work together. Specifically, it describes how to connect returning migrants with relevant services available in … Continued

CADRE Manual for Trainers

The project Capacity Development and Training for Return Counsellors (CADRE) aimed to create reader-friendly material that is relevant and applies to the work of return counsellors and that focuses on the operational aspects of the return process and return counselling. This manual forms part of a collection of training materials that also includes a manual … Continued